Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars as we know it today, was arguably the most charismatic and brilliant engineer in the history of motor racing.  He also founded Team Lotus, which won the Formula 1 World Championship on seven different occasions.  CHILL (Clubhouse for Indianapolis Lotus Lovers) was formed to commemorate the history of Lotus and the legacy he left behind for our enjoyment and appreciation.

The philosophy of Lotus Cars today is simple and pure at heart as it was when Colin Chapman started the company in 1952.  This philosophy was exemplified when he continuously said, “Simplicate, then add lightness” and “To add speed, add lightness”.

Most Lotus cars do not have cup holders, seat warmers, traction control, cruise control, nor do they have some of the bells and whistles you may commonly find in other exotic / super cars.  Simply put, Lotus cars are made for the sports car purist and are built to drive.  With this in mind, CHILL members do just that…


We meet regularly and take scenic drives to Brown County and other destinations.  For those eager to push their super cars to their limits, in a safe and controlled environment, CHILL sponsors an annual driver’s education track day at Putnam Park.  There are also multiple autocross events CHILL members are continuously involved in conjunction with the SCCA.

Whether it’s touring one of the many racing facilities in town or a hands on tech session / workshop to better understand the dynamics of our cars, CHILL schedules and conducts special events throughout the year on a regular basis.

Our social gatherings are second to none as we are always in seach of figuring out new and creative ways to get together as a group.  Our annual gatherings include but are not limited to: Indianapolis 500 Experience, Destination Group Vacations, Halloween Costume Parties, and Holiday Seasonal Gatherings.  CHILL fosters a family friendly environment and it shows in our club’s functions.

Most importantly, we create and develop lifelong friendships.  Whether you are a Lotus car owner or simply an enthusiast of the marquee looking to acquire a Lotus car of your own one day, our goal is to foster and environment of camaraderie and to celebrate the purist form or a driver’s super car ever built.  We personally invite you to join us today!